Checkmate MP3 Checker


Checkmate mpck checks mp3s. It scans the file to see if the frames are where they are supposed to be, if the frame headers are correct and if the headers are consistent throughout the file. It gives some statistics on the file like bitrate and length, and a conclusion whether the file is good or bad.

MP3 checker is a Microsoft Windows interface for mpck. It also scans MP3 files and has a Explorer-like display which shows which files where scanned and what the result was. MP3 checker was tested on Windows 2000 and should work on any Windows version.


Usage: mpck [OPTION]... [FILE]...

   -v, --verbose        print some extra info
   -q, --quiet          print only Ok or Bad per file
   -B, --badonly	only report bad files
Other options:
   -R, --recursive      check directories recursively
   -e, --extention=EXT  only check files ending on .EXT
   -r			short for -R -e mp3
   -m, --maxname=NUM 	report bad for filenames which exceed NUM characters
   -n, --namecheck	check for strange characters in the filename
   -h, --help           print this help, then exit
   -V, --version        print version information


Occasionally, something goes wrong and mpck prints an error. It has one of the following formats:

  1. mpck: stat on blah failed
  2. mpck:bla: foo bar error
  3. mpck:bla:34003: yet another error

Number 1 indicates a general error. Number 2 means an error occured in file bla. Number 3 says an error occured in file bla, at offset 34003 (decimal).

If all is well, mpck will output something like this:

SUMMARY: mp3/test.mp3
    version                       MPEG v1.0
    layer                         3
    bitrate                       128000 bps
    samplerate                    44100 Hz
    frames                        7271
    time                          3:09.936
    unidentified                  0 b (0%)
    errors                        none
    result                        Ok

Exit status

mpck returns one of the following values:

0 Everything went OK and no broken files were found.
1 Everything went OK, but at least one broken file was found.
2 (ENOENT) File or directory not found, stat failed.
4 (EINTR) The program received a SIGINT.
5 (EIO) Read error.
12 (ENOMEM) Malloc failed due to memory shortage.
21 (EISDIR) The given file is a directory.
22 (EINVAL) Invalid argument, no filename supplied.
36 (ENAMETOOLONG) File extention or file name is too long.


Specifies if a ID3v1 tag is present in the file
Specifies if a ID3v2 tag is present in the file
average bitrate
See: bitrate, vbr
One second of sound is stored in this many bits
Number of frames in the file
MPEG layer - 1, 2 or 3.
The length of a frame in bytes
The position in bytes from the start of the file
Specifies if the file is correct or damaged
The sound is sampled this many times per second
Size of the file in KiB (1 KiB = 1024 bytes)
Specifies wheter the file is stereo or mono
The duration of the soundfile
This many bytes are not part of a MP3 frame or a ID3 tag
Variable bitrate, bitrate differs per frame
MPEG version - 1.0, 2.0 or 2.5