Checkmate MP3 Checker

Checkmate MP3 Checker is a free program that checks MP3 files for errors. It scans MP3 files to see if the frames are where they are supposed to be, whether the frame headers are correct and whether the frame headers are consistent throughout the file. It reports some information on each file and an indication whether the file is good or bad.

There are two versions available:

MP3 checker
  • Graphical user interface
  • Windows program
  • Looks like Windows Explorer
  • Command line interface
  • Windows, Linux, Unix-like systems
  • More advanced options

Checkmate MP3 checker screenshot

s0@debian:~/mpck/src$ mpck 'Robbie Williams - Advertising Space.mp3'
SUMMARY: Robbie Williams - Advertising Space.mp3
    version                       MPEG v1.0
    layer                         3
    average bitrate               215561 bps (VBR)
    samplerate                    44100 Hz
    frames                        10626
    time                          4:37.577
    unidentified                  0 b (0%)
    errors                        none
    result                        Ok

Both Checkmate mpck and Checkmate MP3 checker are licensed under the GNU General Public License, which gives you permission to modify and distribute the software as you like, as long as you include the source code.